Ball Pools

Our website clearly highlights pricing and extra's for your convenience, we calculate how many hires approximately until the unit returns it's money to the operator on each product, we take great pride in our work and have a reputation for longevity with our units out lasting some of our rivals with no repairs needed by a ratio of around 4-1.

Yes you read that right, our units will last up to 4 x longer than some of the competition! which is something we backup by giving a long 5 year manufacturer warranty on everything produced and something I ask you to factor into your purchasing decisions! we also do not import, everything is 100% hand built here in the UK.

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6x6 Air Juggler Pool

From £149.99

6x6 Mid Range Pool

From £219.99

4x4 Premium BallPool

From £249.99

12x12 Ball Pool

From £249.99

8x6 Premium BallPool

From £299.99

5x5 Ball Step/Slide

From £349.99

Disco Ball Pool

From £349.99

Party Pod Enclosure

From £449.99

8x8 Sensory Dome

From £549.99

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