14ft X 14ft Battle Zone

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14ft x 14ft Battle Zone

This unit has a central bomb shelter which is 5ft 8in tall and is 6ft wide x 5ft deep, the shelter has 3x air juggling turrets on its roof for target practice :) and Velcro up there ready for a light and speaker box or a siren.

A shoot through window and Camo blind cover inside the bunker, the entire front sheet is Velcro in case they lean too much on the window from inside and is premium laminated scratch resistant artwork, it also features a Camo roof and the front has two walls to crouch and shoot over and the sides have 7ft sit on walls with a police car one side and a motorbike on the other.

The unit has a pull down tent (Camo) on one side and is done in army green throughout with PVC reinforced anchor points.

Unit price + Delivery. 0 VAT.
Product will pay for itself in 5 hires! (based on average hire value)
Required 2 x 1.5 HP Blower Fan (not supplied)

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