17pc Budget Soft Play Kit

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17pc Budget Soft Play Kit

This Budget kit is available in a choice of colors and can also be printed in ANY artwork theme for the with artwork price below, all artwork is liquid laminated, this budget kit uses polyester based PVC and all shapes sizes have been scaled down also the foam is hand cut so the finish isn't as precise as machine cut foam but sufficiently stuffs the shapes, there is also a 5 year manufacturer warranty on this product as standard, this is a great kit for startup or commercial hirer's looking to bulk up existing kits and it comes in a secure transport sack with Velcro lid and webbing handles.

Unit price + Delivery. 0 VAT.

Product will pay for itself in 5 hires! (based on average hire value)

(Inflatable Arena for display purposes only)
(Required 1.5 HP box fan not included)

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