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Hot Air Balloon Manufacture

Building a hot air balloon or a blimp is not something anybody can do! many choose to simply outsource this to China and just claim to make it here, this results in an inferior end product and over inflated prices, pardon the pun,  luckily we have a working relationship with one of the oldest Aerial Inflatable companies in the UK,  and dedicated workshops in Staffordshire where we design, build and carry out inspections, Hot Air Balloons are registered civil aircraft and are surrounded in various legislation in regards to safety, maintenance and operation. However, don’t let this put you off  we will take care of everything for you.

Our design services offer the opportunity to see your balloon in both 2d and 3d before a single piece of material has been cut, or any printing has been carried out.

Our highly skilled aeronatutical engineers will design your advertising hot air balloon to the highest aviation standards.

We have the ability to turn virtually any concept or character into a hot air balloon with outstanding results.

Our manufacturing team are UK based and have open doors to the public, no imported Chinese products only premium grade UK materials used.

Prices start from £4999 + Delivery 0 Vat

Required basket not included in the above price we can link you to a approved supplier of these.

LPG tank not supplied (this is part of your basket setup)

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